Storyderm's'derm' stands for Dermatology, meaning dermatology.
The pattern on the top of the Storydom logo is a lily flower that symbolizes purity. It refers to a product containing the purest and cleanest ingredients obtained from nature. [Navy], the main color of Storydom, symbolizes a trustworthy and honest company.

Storyderm specification


Storydom developer Dr. Yang, working for a famous Korean pharmaceutical company, began his career by selling to experts in pharmacies and dermatology. He has been a veteran who has worked for pharmaceutical companies for many years and is recognized by everyone. Through this experience, he realizes that each customer has different needs and that he needs to deal with them in various ways.
Around that time, my daughter, who had poor skin from an early age, was often teased by her peers, and it hurt her indelible heart. Looking at her daughter who has been hurt deeply in her heart, Dr. Yang decides to make healthy cosmetics herself, with the heart of her father, hoping that she can heal even the wounded inner pain, not just cosmetics for external beauty.