1g x 2ea, 4ml x 2ea
Wake up your skin cells, fill the skin with elasticity
skin restoration peel
reborn skin
real reproduction peeling
your skin will born againEffect
Regeneration peeling of two kind of Gray Spicule
Promote cell differentiation with light stimulus
Anti-aging, Scar recovery, pigmentation improvement


TIMEMACHINE PEEL is made of very refined spicule from the ocean, allows to penetrate into deep skin and create stimulation to promote cell division for 72 hours. Once cell division is promoted, cycle of dead skin cell fall is also moved up and cell regeneration starts. This is an innovative skin regeneration peeling through skin cell regeneration. Tritium spicule for superficial area and linear spicule for stratum basal, dual peeling system will reduce the pain and increase the effect for scar recovery, whitening, anti wrinkle, lifting, pore control, acne improvement in a short period of time.