It is the technology that safely delivers effective activating-ingredients to the dermis without damaging or destroying ingredients.
What is ‘Osmocell technology’?
Storyderm has introduced very creative ‘Osmocell technology’ method that is able to amplify the effect by increasing the penetration of ingredients in a safer and more stable state without destroying highly functional bioactive ingredients.
The ‘Osmocell technology’ is a double capsule method that protects the body from enzymes, and the activating-ingredients are not damaged or destroyed with a fine particle structure of 70 to 180 nm, penetrates safely into the dermis layer, amplifies the inherent effect of the ingredient, and heals the root cause of skin problems.
Effective ingredients delivered to the dermal layer through the ‘Osmocell technology’ quickly regenerate damaged and aged cells, increase skin density, and improve elasticity and healthy skin.